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Drug & Alcohol

We offer a comprehensive sample collection service onsite and onboard merchant ships. We provide you with a scheduled and un-scheduled programme where a fully trained collection technician will visit your workplace to carry out your screening and testing requirements.

All collections for testing are carried out discreetly, confidentially and with the emphasis on sensitivity.

Services available include:

  • Urine split specimen collections(on board ship)
  • Breath Alcohol Testing(BAT onsite)
  • Analysis for Benzene Exposure
  • Hair sample collections
  • Saliva swab collections

The sample collection for testing is known as a 10 panel test which, in addition to alcohol, tests for the following drugs:

  • Morphine (Opiates),
  • Cocaine,
  • Benzo,
  • Methadone,
  • Amphetamine,
  • Methamphetamine,
  • Cannabis,
  • Phencyclidine,
  • Tricyclic Antidepressants
  • Barbiturates.









The testing will also identify prescription drugs, but as part of the before and during testing protocols, we would ascertain with the crew member if they were using any prescription drugs and if yes this would be duly noted.

Prior to testing each crew member would be asked to read our notes-before-testing sheet and would be asked to sign our consent-for-testing form.

In the event of a positive result, all samples are then sent to our retained laboratory for final analysis and confirmation.

Technical Management

Our stringent quality control systems based on Chain of Custody requirements to obtain a valid sample, have won us a reputation of offering a most professional services. We at SHMS do not compromise in taking valid un-adulterated sample.

Service Excellence

Drug and Alcohol testing is used extensively in the public and private sectors of the world economy.

The SHMS management background in the Marine Industry, with vast experience of Tanker operation and having Master Mainers at its helm of affair the knowhow of the shipping industry is not unknown.

Our Global network of Sample Collection officers

Our Extensive, global network is covering all major ports and even more in 75+ countries, while over 150+ duly trained, dedicated and professional Collecting Officers ensure the testing procedure always takes place responsibly, smoothly, with full respect to international legislations, human rights and privacy protections and with the minimum work disruption. Proper chain of custody procedures are observed at all times.

Join Seahans as a Sample Collection officers

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